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Whites Road Dental Clinic is accredited Dental Practice since November 2016.

What Does Accreditation mean?

Dental Practice Accreditation means Whites Road Dental Clinic is implementing all the protocols and guidelines developed by Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare, commonly known as National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. More information on this can be found on https://www.safetyandquality.gov.au/ Whites Road Dental Clinic obtained its accreditation through QIP –Quality Innovation Performance. More details about QIP can be found on https://www.qip.com.au/

Are all Dental Practices accredited?

Not all the Dental Practices are accredited as this is not mandatory. It is voluntary for Dental Practices to adopt Accreditation process.

Whites Road Dental Clinic takes extra precaution to keep all the Patients & staff safe by implementing these standards. Due to stringent protocols, during Covid Pandemic, we have been able to continue our services uninterruptedly keeping all the Government & Public Health orders in mind.

What are benefits of getting treatment done at accredited Dental Practice?

Patients, General Pubic & staff are assured of getting a safe environment for Dental Treatment.

As all the stringent protocols are followed, there is no risk of cross-contamination while Dental Treatment is being carried out. We only use Dental Materials approved by TGA(Therapeutic Goods Administration).