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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Over the last 40 years, dental implants have become a desirable alternative for replacing missing teeth. Excellent success rates and a range of available options makes Dental Implants preferred way to treat and replace lost teeth.

Our Dentists can evaluate individual case and make dental implants successful with guided implant technique. Structurally, a dental implant is a titanium-based cylinder that replaces the missing tooth root. After a period of time, a crown (cap) can be placed on the implant. In case of multiple missing teeth, same method can be applied to construct multiple crowns or bridge
Implants can also be used to support full or partial dentures, dramatically improving denture retention and stability.

Most patients with adequate bone mass can have implants, although it varies among individuals. Typically an x-ray and CT-scan are performed to determine if an individual have enough bone to place the implant, as well as to verify the size and kind of implant that should be placed.

Graphic video presentation of procedure